Taste of Solon

Client: Solon Chamber of Commerce

Type: Motion Graphics

Date: 10/2017

Description: Social media marketing advertisement


here's the story

This was designed to be a video ad for Facebook. It is a mixture of stock video, photography, and original motion graphics. One of the many responsibilities of the Solon Chamber of Commerce is to help promote local businesses, so the Taste of Solon was a wonderful showcase to help build awareness and appreciation of the many great food outlets based in Solon and other northeast Ohio communities.

To make the video more attention grabbing on crowded Facebook news feeds, the pacing and tempo is lightning fast and there is a lot of kinetic motion.

Another advantage of this kinetic style is that it presents a ton of information to the audience in a short period of time, thereby encouraging them to go to the landing page (tasteofsolon.com) to review what they may have missed, such as the date, time, and location of the event. This presents a great opportunity for the audience to perform a conversion action - in this case it is ticket sales. The sound design was designed to be fun and entertaining to encourage the audience to view the entire video, like, and share it.

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