Studio Stick

Client: Brandyn Armstrong

Type: Video

Date: 11-2016

Description: Crowdfunding campaign video

here's the story

Dan initially met Brandyn while working on a video for Jumpstart Inc, a Cleveland-based incubator. A fellow Cleveland State Alumni, Brandyn has been grinding away for a long time bringing his vision of a portable recording studio to reality. We worked with him to create a video that would be featured on his crowdfunding campaign.

We wanted this video to speak to the target market - young artists who are constantly on the go, and don't have the resources to book last-minute studio time.

Like every production, this one was not without its own set of unique challenges. The product in the video was the very first prototype. We had to be careful how we shot it so it appeared like a working product. Likewise, at the time of production, the Studio Stick app was still being created, so all we had was a series of screen captured images and a non-functional alpha version of the app.

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