Cowboys Bed-in-Bag Set

Client: The Northwest Company

Type: Product Video

Date: 6/2017

Description: Stop motion video for e-commerce

here's the story

In order to get a product noticed these days, a video is not a want, but a necessity. Most e-commerce sites are conversion driven, so having a product listing that reliably converts to sales fuels the algorithms that drive recommendations and SEO. For their bedding set, Northwest was seeking a video that would grab attention.

Mixing motion graphics, stop motion animation, and traditional video delivered the visceral experience they were looking for.

One of the perks of creating videos like this is that they can be repurposed for use on social media and email marketing campaigns. Though it follows a very traditional, formulaic structure - emphasizing features, advantages, and benefits, the fast tempo and kinetic style makes it really stand out in a crowded Facebook feed.

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