Image Composites

Client: Applied Icon

Type: Digital Photo Compositing

Date: 11/17

Description: Digital renderings and compositing


here's the story

Applied Icon creates outdoor graphics that are made from a unique aluminum material that conforms to the surfaces that it is applied to. Griffith Digital Media took hundreds of product photos for their various licenses and properties that include the NFL, NBA, NCAA, Warner Brothers, and the US Army.

Using a variety of techniques, including displacement maps, texture overlays, a digital compositing, we were able to complete their image catalogue when live photography would not be practical.

Some of the products were not available to be shot traditionally, so in order to get them listed on the various e-commerce websites, we had to do a little out-of-the-box thinking. Thankfully, design software has come a long way and enabled us to create realistic images from nothing more than vector art.

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