In a nutshell, this is what we're all about

Technology can be scary. The world is changing fast, and every day there seems to be some new product, service, strategy, or methodology that your competitors are embracing. Things used to be a lot simpler, and there simply aren’t cookie-cutter solutions anymore. We don’t claim to be experts at everything; anybody does is lying. Where we do excel is delivering digital sales and marketing assets and support.

We awaken possibilities in our clients through collaborative strategic planning and tactical implementation.

Here's how we got started

A Cleveland native, Daniel traveled to New Orleans after graduating film school and working professionally in the entertainment industry. After spending the better part of a year, grinding away towards the requisite hours to get into the DGA (Director’s Guild of America union), those plans were derailed by hurricane Isaac in 2012.

To make a long story short, Daniel earned his MBA and decided to synthesize his experience in narrative storytelling and advanced marketing strategy to create Griffith Digital Media in 2016.

Our mission statement

"We are storytellers devoted to championing the unique, the interesting, and the remarkable. Those traits are the common denominator in every brand, product, and service that we represent. It’s our mission to evoke visceral experiences with digital media that create lasting impressions and build memorable brands to be enjoyed by generations to come."

Our first objective is identifying your audience so we can create digital media that can best reach, inspire, motivate, and delight them.

Next we work with you to integrate our work into your existing strategy, or create anew.

The values that keep us centered

Transparency - No beating around the bush here. We believe in straightforward communication. We seek to build trust with our clients and partners.

Quality - We stake our reputation on everything we do. We are committed to delivering quality work that gets results, no matter what.

Timelines - You need it yesterday, we get it. Time is a luxery few can afford, so we will do everything in our power to deliver on time, every time.

Innovation - We believe that creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of competitive advantage, but we keep them reeled-in through our analytical approach to developing strategies.